Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sun will shine bright in Miami tommorow

I'll start by apologizing to Chris Bosh. His post play was relatively effective. Had a solid night overall. The win doesnt solve all their problems but winning reduces most problems. The bench had a nice night, mike miller stood out in the first half. There was still 0 center production offensively but the guard production was as good as you can hope for. LeBron and Wade had forgetable nights shooting the ball but had some clutch plays and an awesome drive and finish to close out the game. 

Thats enough Miami Heat talk for now, tmrw ill be focusing in on the NFL lockout or potential for one. Theres 3 outcomes that could happen. 1- The deadline gets extended. 2- A deal is reached. 3- A deal is not reached and the players union decertifies/leads to a lockout. Ill discuss whichever of these happens. Obviously, lets all hope number 2 happens and we all are assured football this fall!